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Join our Virtual Event 14-16 July 2020

Next Gen Strategies for
IPM and Plant Health

Timely Transformation for a Changing World

While the global pandemic’s impact on in-person events is being felt around the world, the desire to connect has never been greater. BioSolutions Africa, organized by AgriBusiness GlobalTM in partnership with the South African Bioproducts Organisation, is breaking down physical and travel barriers to bring our world community together for an unprecedented digital experience.

This new and innovative platform, BioSolutions Africa VIRTUAL, will bring together an even broader audience from around the globe, convening the world market online.


BioSolutions Africa VIRTUAL brings focused insight on how to add biological products to existing chemical and fertilizer programs for growers, agents, and distributors. Attend multidisciplinary conference sessions about assessing efficacy and ROI, real-world agronomic challenges and solutions, and case studies in successful integrated growing operations.


Stay connected to innovative content and meaningful connections with BioSolutions Africa VIRTUAL. Navigate between expert presentations, roundtable discussions, exhibitor/product demos, and networking rooms with peers and industry thought leaders.


The continuity of agriculture is a global priority and staying connected to the marketplace has never been more important for your business. Continue to publicize your portfolio with video, downloadable materials, 1:1 chat, and video conferencing from a trusted provider of business intelligence and networking platforms.

Be Part of the Ever-Growing BioSolutions Africa Community

Leading agribusiness suppliers, distributors and growers attended Biocontrols Africa 2017 and are anticipating its return as BioSolutions Africa VIRTUAL in 2020. Attendees included Lowveld Agrochem, Andermatt, Lallemand, Nulandis, Wenkem, HortGrow, AGT Foods Africa and others.