Sanushka Naidoo

Program Leader, Eucalyptus and Pine Pathogen Interactions, FABI

Sanushka Naidoo is the program leader of the Eucalyptus and Pine Pathogen Interactions (EPPI) Group at FABI, University of Pretoria. We aim to understand the host responses to invading pathogens with a further view to improve defence responses in such forest trees. Her ongoing research is dedicated to uncovering the defence arsenal in Eucalyptus and pine based on the study of the host defensome (or defence transcriptome). We study the interaction between Eucalyptus with the insect pest, Leptocybe invasa, Eucalyptus with the oomycete pathogen, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Eucalyptus with Chrysoporthe austroafricana and Pinus patula with Fusarium circinatum.